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Sep 22, 2003
Stayed home today..what fun it is being sick, lemme tell ya!

Hey everyone, urgh, as most of u know, i am sick..urggggg...lol i hate it..although i got to stay home today, well if i wanted to i probably could netime i want..so thats nuttin big..This is how bored i got today..i did my Graphic Arts class work..cuz i like know what we were goin to do to next so i went ahead and did it. Thanks to Dominic my new friend i wasnt all that bored..i mean talking about being sick together..lol what fun..ive listened to music like all day. and i finally just got dressed and stuff its like 1 oclock i am so lazy lol but today i have an excuse..haha, well i cant wait for my friends to get home..I miss everyone..expecailly Andy! I love you !! - laterdaze everyone!

Posted at 11:53 am by SweetDreamer
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Sep 20, 2003
another day in my shoes! lol

Hey all..or whoever reads this lol. i havent made an entry for a few days so i thought i would! Last nite was So much fun! Omg, Hollz and Ames u guys are SO crazy i love u both to death! haha. Sorry about me and Andy kinda  loosing/ditching u though! next weekend we have to hang out! Heh! Neways..well we all went to the game..Hollz Ames Andy and I that is..We met Cheryl, Dee, Wayne, Alyica and everyone else who was there. down there lol neways i had so much fun! then getting kicked out of the park by a Po Po lol haha much laughs lol Neways....Hm..Tomorrow i have to work, and i think i have a cold..urgh, sorry if i gave it to u andy:) hehe..well neways this wasnt very long! Sorry! n Shane i cant beleive u didnt come! Im mad at u! - loves Danielle

Posted at 10:11 am by SweetDreamer
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Sep 14, 2003
My day...

Well today was pretty decent..actaully it was awesome for me anyways.. Last nite was my last Saturday working..What fun..lol the ride home was funny..The matress driving..lol and sheash Amber and Ryan if it was me and Andy in the back seat of that car.. there wouldnt of been a such thing as talking hehe..Neways..Andy came over today..for like the second time ever. It was SO awesome..kissing, and cuddling is the BEST ever! Well...hehe * Andy i think u know what i am thinking * lol~I love him to death! Hehe i cant believe its almost been 3 months! Its so great! :-* Hehe..This Friday is going to be fun..Football game at Brewer! Andy, holly, Amber, Ryan, Nicki And Terry..possibly Wayne and im sure plenty of other ppl..its gunna be cool..My turn to show u off Andy hehe..well i am off to bed..I love my friends!! Hehe Love u Andy!! - Danielle

Posted at 09:28 pm by SweetDreamer
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Sep 11, 2003
...Well I am Bored..First Entry..Woo Who..

Hey everyone..well this is my journal i guess i am supposed to write about life and all that stuff in it right? lol Well right now im not really ina great mood..I kinda feel ignored but its all good..I dont know what i am doing tonite, but tomorrow should be fun..well i mean besides school and all..Ouch my ear burns lol odd..but yeah neways..Tomorrow hopefully i am going to Andys house to roller blade and stuff lol Possibly Hollys too. LoL i never know what i am doing, or where i am going Kinda frusterating i think lol
Well i dont really know if anyone has noticed me acting differently towards them, if its u then i am sorry there are alot of things going on in my life right now..With family and stuff..But um..i dont really know what to write about! Today was a drag in school it went by SO slow..Gr i hate school, mostly everything about it to..i dont really enjoy it as much as last year, i mean the ppl are okay it would be nice if Dea and Amber came back and if Holly and Andy also went to my school but thats just life i guess..well i think i am out for today. Ill talk to you all later! I *LUV* All my Friends:-P *~Danielle

Posted at 05:08 pm by SweetDreamer
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